Safety, quality, and production are interdependent qualities that define a true professional. Our commitment to a culture of Safety for Life is central to every job and defines our commitment to our team, our clients, our trade partners, and our community.

Safety for Life

Our safety program is built on a foundation of communication, collaboration, and training to help everyone make it home safely to the people, places, and things in their lives. Our teams are empowered to do the safe thing each time and every time. A safety habit is Safety for Life.

Virginia BEST

Piedmont Development Group is committed to safety and is proud to be part of the “Virginia BEST”. The BEST Program (Building Excellence in Safety, Health and Training) recognizes companies dedicated to building and maintaining safety cultures.

Safety is not something you do once, it is a continual stream of decisions that add up to a safety habit. I am committed to leading a culture of safety based on constant improvement with the goal that everyone makes it home safely. Doing the right thing, including working safely when no one is watching, is the true hallmark of a professional and a reflection of character. Safety is for life.


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